A quality male model.

  • Our original intention

    Fans Management is a well-known agency which founded by several very experienced and resourced senior brokers. We are specializing in introduction of talented high-end foreign models into China and other countries of Asia.


    Fans Management是由几位经验丰富的国内资深经纪人创办的一家专门引进外国高端模特,在华及其他亚洲国家工作的经纪公司。

  • Our achievements

    Years and years, Fans Management has been serviced in Fashion industry for various clients and also made good relationships with agencies overseas. Thousands of talented foreign models were brought here, impressed others with their outstanding skills in modeling. Which leading to the facts that they even got long term working contract with some of the biggest brands.


    Fans Management已经为国内时尚行业输送了近千名优秀的外籍模特,客户遍布各个领域。我们的模特有着丰富的T台及平面拍摄经验,其专业性也是众人皆知和有目共睹的,颇受同行及客户推崇和赞誉。经过多年的努力,我们已经和国外各大公司建立了良好的合作关系,也成就了一些常驻国内的一线外籍模特,并多年服务于各大品牌。

  • Our ascension

    We also take training responsibilities of new faces very seriously. Give them as many advices, tips, and chances to shooting for tests, magazines, as we can! So that our models can really step a noah in every possible ways.


    FANS MANAGEMENT也很注重对新人模特的培养。
    定期安排新人模特进行培训,TEST SHOOTING和杂志拍摄。

  • Our goal

    For our goals in the future: We intend to be the best of the bests agencies in China, even in Asia!